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nebuta costume

A shop with everything you need

​ Costume rental details
​ (dressing service)

See left image. The obi (belt) and waist strap are hidden inside the ironing.
The rental items are ①Yukata, ②Tasuki, ③Exercise, ④Kokoshi, ⑤Obi (belt), ⑥Waist strap.

​In addition, we sell flower hats, paper fans, sandals, tabi socks, wallets, bells, and bells, but you can participate without them.
As for footwear, sneakers are OK.

Rental fee (with dressing service)
It's 3000 Yen (including tax).
After making a reservation from the following, please transfer the rental fee. Please bear the transfer fee.
Reservation will be completed when the transfer is completed.
The transfer destination is as follows.
Japan Post Bank
Symbol: 18460
Number: 15913891
Name: Hisako Kasai

In case of cancellation, please contact us by email or phone. After deducting the transfer fee, the refund will be made to your designated account.

Cancellation on the day before is not possible.

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We look forward to welcoming you

business hours

August 2-7, 2023: 10:00-22:00

Emergency Contact: 017-777-3955

​ Mobile: 090-4888-5650

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